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Audio Amplifier








Some of the users of the Wantok SBS-1 Console have attempted to use it to run computerized audio to the transmitter.  In many cases, the computer drive was not sufficient to give a high audio level to the transmitter input.


For those wishing to use the SBS-1 for this purpose, Wantok has developed a small in-line amplifier that can be powered by any of the 12 Volt power points on the console.


This little unit features;


A Voltage Gain Factor of 7                          500Hz  to 16 kHz


A Voltage Gain Factor of  14                      500 Hz to 30 Hz  (Increased Bass)


Primary Signal Gain                                     17 dB


Bass Signal Gain                                           22 dB


Maximum input voltage   15 Volts  Recommended  12-13.8 Volts from the console


These units can be cascaded and are easily connected with RCA connectors.


Price per amplifier US$38.00


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